Regular Payment Plan

The existing payment plan feature lacked options for customers to tailor the instalment amount they paid as well as choose the date that the payment would be taken. Customers were also forced to setup Direct Debit in order to use the regular payment plan feature.

Key Insight
Customers were frustrated when the Direct Debit payment was taken out when they didn’t have any funds in their account, they wanted to be able to choose the date so it would align with their pay cycle.

Research / testing
Insights were gathered from voice recordings of customer service calls and an initial round of user testing using the existing feature designs prior to commencing redesign activities. User testing during the design phase helped inform how the existing payment method screen could be designed and how we could incorporate a CTA to switch to Direct Debit.

Allowing customer to keep their existing payment method, rather than forcing them to switch to Direct Debit and allowing them choose the date the instalment was paid on was well received by customer and also satisfied business needs. Customers could also choose to receive a reminder by SMS which was helpful in getting them to pay on time.

Wireframes sketches in invision freehand (You’ll need to log into invision as a guest to view this link)