Developed functionality to enable the purchase of Yellow Pages and Site Smart websites products online. Users are taken through 5 steps after their decision to purchase, confirmation of a price based on their chosen business heading and location through account setup, payment and basic content collection and finally order confirmation. This was the first time Senis had sold products online and looked to solve major pain points in the areas of speed of fulfilment and product go live times, cost to service a customer and customer churn.

The optimal user flow was mapped out based on the businesses needs. Then wireframes were created and taken through multiple design iterations before a working HTML prototype was created in order to perform online task based and questionnaire testing with 100 users. Insights taken from the testing were then used as a basis for further design iterations. The UI and visual design was based on existing Yellow Pages branding.

Yellow Pages®   Digital Advertising

Yellow Pages®   Digital Advertising2

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